Health Guarantee

The parent animals were mated with the aim of breeding good quality, healthy puppies and every effort is made to ensure that the puppy is delivered in a healthy and sound condition. We guarantee our puppies to be free from life-threatening or debilitating congenital or hereditary defects for a period of two years from the date of birth.

Your puppy is also guaranteed for 48 hours (2 days) after leaving the seller’s care against any kind of preventable illnesses. In the event of a health issues within 48 hours the buyer is required to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian or this guarantee will be null and void. If the puppy is determined to be in poor health, as evidenced by the provision of two (2) unassociated veterinarian reports, and our veterinarians concur, the buyer will be given the option of (a) keeping the puppy and assuming all cost for its care, or (b) returning the puppy along with the registration papers for a replacement puppy, when a like puppy of the same breed, sex and Equal or Lesser Value is available. All costs incurred are the responsibility of the buyer. In the event the buyer chooses to keep the puppy, the Seller will be fully released from any future liability towards that pet. No cash refunds will be given.

Any known fault will be disclosed in advance and in writing. The puppy will have current wormings and vaccination(s) at the time of delivery. It is the responsibility of the buyer to keep the vaccinations and wormings current. There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, for example: allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange, and other autoimmune disorders that are not covered by this guarantee. The seller is not responsible for stress-related illness such as
hypoglycemia, colds, coccidia, giardia, nor kennel cough. This is a limited two-year guarantee and there is no guarantee against negligence or injury.

To ensure immunity against diseases, please do not take the puppy into public places unless absolutely necessary until the puppy has had all its vaccinations (as recommended by your veterinarian). The Sellers will NOT be responsible for factors beyond their control, including, but not limited to: Negligence, cruelty, accidental injury, exposure to disease carrying animals, stress resulting from change in diet or environment, hypoglycemia, kennel cough, retained baby teeth, off bits, umbilical hernias, undescended testicles, inguinal hernia, or any other expense except as otherwise provided by law or in this agreement, the following conditions MUST be met for the guarantee to remain in effect. If they are not met then you will have voided your guarantee and it will not be honored:

1. The guarantee applies to the original purchaser of the puppy only.
2. The puppy receives veterinary care at periodic intervals to include regular checkups,
worming, heartworm, and the continuation of the vaccinations series already started.
3. The puppy receives daily rations of quality food and fresh water such that are well-nourished and resistant to sickness.
4. The puppy is housed in a suitable shelter typical for its breed and protected against extreme
weather conditions.

In the event of death, the buyer (at the buyer’s expense) must provide the seller a letter stating cause of death from two (2) unassociated veterinarians along with a copy of the necropsy report. If the cause of death is determined to be due to a congenital medical condition, an arrangement for a replacement puppy of equal or lesser quality will be made. If this dog becomes pregnant, this health warranty contract is null and void.

This guarantee is not valid if the puppy is sold or given to a third party. Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully.